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Hello everyone! Well, This year so far, Julian doesn't have a fundraiser per-se, but he has joined FFA and needs to buy a pig. We have most of it all covered, but would like to give anyone who would like to, the opportunity to help "sponsor" Julian's pig. If you would like to sponsor a couple dollars, just click the link THANKS to anyone who donates!!! Also, it will ask for your address, but that is so Julian can send you a Thank You note and a picture of his pig!

UPDATE!  Julian will be sending out thank you notes and pictures within a week (he has been busy going out to the pens at 5AM and again before bed)

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Katherine Kadolph, Robert Daniel Garza, Bindi Kelly & Rama Fisher, Scott Behrmann, Rob Ranthum & Toni Varnum, Jody Boos, Dan Carlson, Todd Behrmann

R. Daniel Garza & Katherine Kadolph get to choose the song I dance to with a carboard pig!!  It was a tie!!


  Still accepting sponsorships!!

Here (FINALLY! I KNOW) Are some pictures of GEORGE!!!

George in first pen  Again, George with pals  George being moved to his new pen  George being shown his new pen by Julian  George relaxin in his hay  LAZY PIG!  Julian was testing the water spigot, but George had other ideas  Remember Julian, he will be bacon someday...

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