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Besides our Dog, Pygmy Possum, five snakes, three bearded dragons and a house gecko..we would LOVE for you to SUBMIT a photo of your pet and a description or story about him/her and how he/she came to be a member of your family.  We will feature each pet in his/her own web page with whatever you write to us about him/her! 

                                        ~John & Brooke



  • Tilly, our King Charles Cavalier Spaniel x Maltese Terrier.
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  • The Reptile House

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  • Niereliss, the little pygmy possum
  • Rasta, Spook & Banshee

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Vader the African Leopard Tortoise

  • Spanky & the Chickens


Nicky's Aquarium Page  

  • Julian's Hamsters    


  • Sarah and Her horse "Bullet"




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